Trucks and Trailers

Constant loading and long journeys place high demands on the flooring of heavy transport vehicles such as trucks and trailers, and so extra strong, hardwearing and non-slip flooring is essential.

At Lathams ATP, we are the UK’s leading supplier of specialist birch plywood products to the commercial vehicle and transport sector – a material that has excellent strength properties and impact resistance making it especially suitable for heavy-duty flooring. Tough and durable, it is able to withstand the continual loading and unloading of goods as well as the constant wear accumulated while on the road. Birch plywood is an also an economical solution. The optimal weight-to-strength ratio reduces fuel consumption of transport vehicles and makes it possible to increase loading capacity.

Sourced predominantly from Europe, our truly independent range includes specially engineered
phenolic faced birch plywood flooring panels, standard mesh boards, polypropylene faced, hexagonal patterns and our own FSC® certified Buffalo® Board, identified by the Buffalo logo on the reverse.

Buffalo® Board is a robust, anti-slip plywood suitable for a wide range of applications. It can be easily worked and CNC routed, plus it has good chemical and weather resistance, making it an ideal choice for truck and trailer flooring. The wire mesh pattern minimises slips that ensures safety while loading.

As well as the Buffalo® brand, we are now distributing the widest range of WISA® products in the UK. We are the only stockists of both PEFC certified WISA® Trans which is the flagship trailer flooring solution, and WISA® Truck Plus for the most demanding requirements in commercial vehicles.

To learn more about commercial vehicle flooring or Latham ATP’s birch plywood capabilities, please contact us on 01442 849009 or submit an enquiry here.

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