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As specialist birch plywood suppliers, our staff have over 30 years of technical expertise in 'all things' relating to our wide range of products. If you require samples or have any technical questions about our products then please get in touch with us on +44 (0)1442 849009.

Plywood stocked includes the widest range of  'Slip-resistant' birch plywood in the UK, together with more decorative, yet very practical, smooth coated boards such as Phenolic Film Faced, White Melamine, and tough Polypropylene Laminated Birch Plywood. The new products section has information on the latest additions to the ATP range.  

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Kydex Thermoformable Plastic

Kydex - Thermoplastic

Finesse Polyline - PP Lining Panels

Buffalo Polyline - PP Lining Panels