Wisa®Trans X / Buffalo®Trans Heavy

WISA-Trans and Buffalo® Trans are composed of a Birch plywood core with an enhanced Phenolic resin film with a unique slip resistant pattern. The product is intended for use as flooring in the transport industry i.e. trucks and trailers, horse boxes and railway wagons. It is also used in building applications such as warehouses and loading platforms, and also arena staging. This is is an excellent material for technical flooring applications. It has a special wear resistant coating which prolongs the service life of the floor when compared to other anti-slip phenolic faced boards.

Product information

  • Slip-resistance R13-DIN 51130
  • Enhanced wear-resistance for more demanding work
  • Taber Value: 3700 WISA-Trans X / Buffalo Trans 5200 revs
  • Rolling Test > 8000 
  • Density is around 720 Kgs /m3 - 18mm 1220mm x 2500mm weighs 29Kgs



Widely used for commercial vehicle building, truck and trailer flooring, stages, podiums, loading platforms, walkways, and warehouse flooring where a greater level of wear-resistance is required. 


1220 x 2500mm - Other sizes available on request



18mm / 21mm / 24mm / 27mm


Bonded to EN 314-3 Class 3 (exterior quality glue-line) Conforms to EN 13986 (CE2+) and EN 636-3. 

Suitable for structual and exterior use. 

Class E1 to EN 717: Part 2. CARB Phase 2