Birch Plywood Applications

Advanced Technical Panels is a leading supplier of birch plywood – a versatile material which has a vast number of different practical applications.

Birch plywood is hardwearing, durable and also provides excellent resistance to humidity. For this reason, its applications range from industrial uses to walling panels and concrete framework. Ideal for both interior and exterior work, birch plywood can provide an excellent solution for anyone seeking a strong and lightweight solution.

Birch plywood is widely regarded for its ability to perform under strenuous conditions. Some examples of key applications include wind turbine blades, insulation boxes for natural gas and outdoor playground equipment. Birch plywood excels in these areas due to its smooth surface and highly resilient properties, delivering great performance at a cost-effective price point.
Created using cross-bonded birch veneers, ATP’s plywood is carefully bonded together and finished to ensure an even, stiff structure. Weatherproof adhesives are used within our construction, ensuring that our birch plywood panels are suitable for external use.

As a sheet material, birth plywood can be supplied in a wide range of different sizes and thicknesses. Due to this, the material is widely used in environments which demand high accuracy.

At ATP, we pride ourselves on the versatility of our products. We frequently find that many of our customers can adapt our pre-finished Birch Plywood for a multitude of different applications. Ultimately, we believe that this makes things easier, saving our customers both time and money.

More Information

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