Thermoformable Plywood

UPM Grada® 2000

Thermo-Formable Finnish Birch Plywood

UPM Grada is a wood material, which can be formed with heat and pressure.  The new Grada technology developed by UPM shortens the form pressing process and increases its efficiency.  The UPM Grada thermo-formable wood panel is formed into a component easily in two steps - first the panel is heated and then formed and cooled in a mould.  Efficiency made easy.

The thermo-formable wood panel can be formed at 95º, which enables faster heating of the material, making your form pressing process more efficient and saving energy at the same time.

  • The forming is easy and efficient in two steps.

  • The adhesive used in the panel, does not contain any formaldehyde or other harmful compounds.

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Product information


Standard Sizes:

  • 1250 x 2500mm
  • 1500 x 3000mm
  • Cut to sizes based on mutual agreement


  • 4.5mm

  • 7mm

  • 10mm

  • 13mm

Product Information


  • The UPM Grada 2000 panel is made of rotary cut birch veneers. Birch is known for its high strength and stability.


  • Veneer sheets are bonded with moisture resistant bonding (EN314-2).
  • The face veneer quality complies with EN635, BB (III) classification.

Panel Options:

  • EasyTop panel's hot melt gluelines on top of panel surfaces enables coating without additional adhesives.
  • UnderCover panel is a low cost panel with non-classified veneer surfaces.

Environment, Health & Safety

  • The adhesive foil of UPM Grada 2000 does not contain any formaldehyde.
  • UPM Grada fulfills the EN13986 E1 and the CARB No Added Formaldehyde emission classes.
  • At the end of its lifecycle the material can be safely recycled or burned.


  • Multiple surface materials e.g. laminate, veneer or textiles can be bonded onto the EasyTop panel without additional adhesive.

Forming Principles:

  • Once the UPM Grada panel is heated to 95ºC, the adhesive between the veneers melts so that the panel can be formed into different shapes.  The melted adhesive allows the veneers to slide which enables forming.  The hot panel is formed in a mould and cooled to 70ºC simultaneously.
  • UPM Grada material is optimal for two dimensional shapes.  If required, the form presser selects and applies a suitable surface material for the end product e.g. laminate or veneer.  The surface material can be laid-up on the panel before heating and forming.

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