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Kydex - Durability By Design

Supplied in a wide range of colours, textures and patterns, KYDEX® thermoplastic sheets offer designers the ability to create an almost unlimited variety of flat and three-dimensional effects which can be achieved through... MORE

Lost Weight With the ATP Plan!

At only 1.5kg per square metre, Finesse Polyline offers a massive advantage to vehicle convertors when compared to hardwood plywood - which is typically used in van linings and weighs 3.6kg... MORE

ATP and the National Outdoor Events Association

The NOEA has around 400 members from all sectors of the Events Industry and as ATP has many customers in this field, it was a natural progression for us to join this association. ATP stocks a wide... MORE

Kydex® Helping to Build a Better Healthcare Future

The UK’s largest timber and panel products distributor is now offering this high performance, exceptionally durable thermoplastic sheet that also promises to significantly... MORE

Kydex Store Surface Solution

KYDEX® sheet is a high performance thermoplastic material that is supplied in a wide range of colours, textures and patterns and offers designers the... MORE

Van-Tastic Lining Solutions from ATP

Whether you’re customer is a Utility company, an engineering or building contractor, a firm of decorators, florists or bakers, ATP’s wide range of premium quality products will deliver a... MORE

James Latham Agrees Exclusive UK Distribution with Plastics Giant

SEKISUI SPI, which owns the KYDEX® brand, is a USA based global thermoplastics leader who invents and manufactures cutting-edge, proprietary thermoplastic products which are... MORE

Guelder Rose at Ocean Plaza, Southport

The interior of a new Marston’s public house and restaurant in Southport has been a given a distinctive and striking appearance, thanks to a revolutionary thermoformable plywood, UPM... MORE

ATP Delivers for Van Market

Throughout the UK, ATP enjoys an unrivalled reputation among the commercial vehicle sector, not only for their service and stock capabilities, but also for offering a wide selection of floor and side... MORE

Case Study!

Plywood used for cases includes Hexa Grip, Vameldeck, Fly-Ply 660, WISA-Multiwall and bespoke laminated birch plywood in a wide range of colours. MORE


One of the preferred choices for van-lining material is WISA-Multiwall, a polypropylene coated birch plywood that can be used for all manner of applications including wall lining, bulkheads and... MORE

Take to the Open Road with ATP!

Virtually any van or vehicle can be converted to include sleeping, storage and cooking facilities. Several ATP customers offer high-class conversions and some of these can be seen below. MORE

All Aboard! – Courtesy of ATP

A recent job was supplying a range of ATP and James Latham products to Rampart Carriage and Wagon, who expertly craft and refurbish railway carriages and rolling stock for steam and heritage railway... MORE

'What a sport!'

For example, Black WISA-Multiwall is now widely used for Cricket Scoreboards and brightly coloured boards are used for play equipment. Green and Blue Multiwall are the preferred options for... MORE


You Think You Know Lathams? This video might change your mind!

Buffalo Polyline® and Buffalo PPL Floor® from ATP at James Latham

James Latham - ATP