WISA Multifloor

Birch Plywood 

Distinct, decorative, yet extremely tough, slip-resistant-birch-plywood that is suitable for a range of applications, including exhibition flooring, stages and commercial vehicles.

Finnish / Estonian Birch Plywood overlaid with a decorative, but tough, thermoplastic overlay with a raised 'ripple' pattern surface.  All edges are sealed at the mill with acrylic paint.


Product information


Standard Sizes:

  • 1220 x 2500mm

  • Other sizes available on request including 1525 x 3050mm


  • 12mm and 18mm

  • Other thicknesses are available on request

Product Information


  • 800g/m2 Textured 'ripple' or barley-seed, chequer plate pattern


  • Black or Grey Polypropylene laminate


  • Black or Grey RAL7010


  • Taber Value: 5000revs

  • Rolling Test: SS923502 100kg : 41000 rounds

  • Easy to clean with water and detergent

  • Good chemical resistance

  • Density is around 720kgs/m3 - 18mm 1220 x 2500mm weighs 39kgs


  • Bonded to EN314-2 Class 3 (exterior quality glue-line)

  • Coating bonded to EN204: Class D4 (exterior bonding)

  • Conforms to EN13986 (CE2+) and EN636-3

  • Suitable for structural and exterior use

  • Commercial vehicle building

  • Trailer & van floors

  • Horseboxes

  • Narrowboat decking

  • Stages

  • Exhibition flooring

  • Podiums

  • Platforms

  • Walkways

  • Steps

  • Play & sports equipment

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