Buffalo® Board

ATP's own trademarked wire-mesh faced Birch plywood 

Did you know…..Buffalo® board was conceived and launched by James Latham in 1988 and is offered exclusively by Advanced Technical Panels. Over the years the Buffalo brand has gained a formidable reputation for superior quality and is still considered to be the ‘go to’ product by many manufacturers.

Economical, robust, slip-resistant birch plywood that is widely used for many demanding applications, including van and trailer flooring, ramps and stages, boat decking, scaffold tower decks, access platforms, steps and walkways and temporary flooring.

Latvian Birch Plywood overlaid with a tough, phenolic film that is imprinted with a large wire mesh pattern which imparts wear and slip resistance.  All edges are sealed at the mill with acrylic paint. 

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Product information



1220 x 2440 mm   / 1220 x 2500 mm   /  1250 x 2500 mm and 1525 x 3050 mm

Other sizes made to order – please ask for details


6.5mm / 9mm / 12mm / 15mm / 18mm / 21mm / 24mm / 27mm / 30 mm

Also available up to 50mm thickness – made to order only

Product Information

Surface / Reverse:

  • 220g/m2 Dark Brown, textured wire mesh pattern face

  • Dark Brown smooth phenolic film with 'Buffalo logo' incorporated in the film


  • Tough, slip-resistant plywood which is suitable for a wide range of demanding applications.  Easily worked and can be CNC machined, plus the overlay has good chemical and weather-resistance

  • Low slip-potential (pendulum test) + R12 - DIN51130

  • Taber value: 700 revs

  • Density is around 720kgs/m3

  • 18mm 1220 x 2500mm weighs 39kgs

  • Also available in yellow mesh pattern.  Other colours made to order* - Grey, Black


  • Bonded to EN314-2 Class3 (exterior quality glue line)

  • Conforms to EN13986 (CE2+) and EN363-3 structural and exterior* use

  • Class E1 to EN717 : Part 2

* Provided all edges are sealed

  • Commercial vehicle, van and trailer flooring

  • Stage decking and podiums

  • Tiered arena seating and steps

  • Access and loading platforms, building hoists

  • Walkways and ramps

  • Marquee flooring

  • Cut-to-size boards also available (min order applies)

  • Trench covers in electricity sub-stations

  • Sport and play equipment, climbing walls

  • Trolley and handling equipment

  • Sport and play equipment

  • Animal pens and agricultural applications

  • Narrowboat decking and many more applications

Plus many more demanding applications.

Cut to size boards also available (min order applies)