Play and Sports Equipment, Rebound Boards

Our comprehensive range of technical plywood is often used in the play, sports and leisure sector. Pre-coated boards perform well in this application.

Because the plywood is pre-coated, there is minimal preparation required on site once boards are machined and all edges sealed prior to installation. Popular products include WISA-Multiwall – a colourful, yet robust polypropylene coated birch plywood used for rebound boards, electronic cricket scoreboards and play equipmentBuffalo Board and Hexa Pattern birch also feature strongly in this sector.

Please note: this product has an exterior glue line. The core itself is perishable and if exposed without protection, it will be subject to degradation from the elements. This product has a weather proof coating to both faces which will protect the core. Additionally, the edges are painted in a machining acrylic based paint, which also acts as protection to the core. It is however the responsibility of the installer to add extra paint to any exposed edges or where there is the possibility of standing water remaining on any edge for extended periods. It is also imperative that any cutting, routing or drilling to the board is sufficiently re-painted. It is the responsibility of the installer to avoid any board failure by working strictly to the above guidelines. Ongoing inspection and maintenance will be required to apply additional protection where required. 

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