Bullet Resistant Panels - Security Panels


Bullet-resistant Security Panels (BSPs) are most commonly used in security applications due to their extreme strength and durability. Each panel is capable of withstanding high impacts as well as continued assault from ballistic weapons, blades and cutting torches.  The units also have a high sound insulation quality and provide blast resistance, ensuring a full protective solution.

The approximate density of BSP products is 1300 Kgs/m³.


Densified and compressed Beech Plywood


BSP products can be supplied with a thickness of between 30 and 50mm.


ATP supplies Bullet-resistant Security Panels in 2130mm x 1000mm as standard, although other sizes are available upon request.

Typical Applications:

The typical applications of BSPs include integration into high-security areas such as airport buildings, banks, post offices and embassies. Due to its extreme strength, the material also has significant military applications.

Other examples of BSPs in use include security panelling in ticket booths, courts, security installations and computer data centres.

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