Lose Weight with the ATP Plan

Weight Savings With Polypropylene Lining Panel for Vans

ATP (Advanced Technical Panels), the UK’s leading specialist Birch plywood distributor, is offering an exciting new Polypropylene lining panel for the transport sector which could deliver weight savings on an average LCV of up to 50kg.

At only 1.5kg per square metre, Finesse Poly-line offers a massive advantage to vehicle convertors when compared to hardwood plywood - which is typically used in van linings and weighs 3.6kg per square metre – reducing fuel consumption and increasing pay load.

John Brookes of Advanced Technical Panels explained, “Based on an average 2440mm x 1220mm panel and the conversion of a 14-cubic metre long wheel based van such as a Sprinter, you could expect to use up to eight sheets which would mean a potential weight saving of 50kg and that’s significant.

“Overloading is a real issue on our roads and apart from being illegal and attracting substantial fines, it also impacts the van’s handling, leading to longer stopping distances and increasing the risk of tipping over.  It can also cause excessive wear and tear, affecting tyres, suspension and brakes.”

These remarkable pay load gains don’t mean there is any compromise on the technical performance, Finesse Poly-line is extremely rigid and durable, offers strong impact and humidity resistance and is also washable and resistant to acid and oils.

Plus, it’s also easy to handle and fit - avoiding splinters for installers - and it can be CNC machined.  And as if all that is not enough, it’s 100% recyclable.

Mr Brookes continued, “This really is a fantastic, game changing product for the transport sector, in particular the LCV market and we are seeing its popularity increasing by the day as customers come to appreciate its outstanding technical performance and impressive list of features and benefits.”

Exclusively available to the UK transport sector through ATP, Finesse Poly-line is supplied in a contemporary light grey colour in a 4mm thick, 2500mm x 2000mm sheet size, plus, a 4mmm thick, 350mm x 1525mm has also just been introduced in grey and white.


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