Flight Cases / Specialist Packing

As the name might suggest, flight cases were originally created to withstand the demanding conditions of long-haul transportation. A flight case offers unrivalled durability, protecting the contents inside from all manner of knocks and impacts. For this reason, flight cases have become the industry standard for not only musicians and filmmakers but for any purpose where sensitive equipment must be frequently moved. With key applications for both medical and scientific equipment, a durable flight case ensures that the user’s goods are fully prepared for the strenuous conditions of road and air transportation.

Advanced Technical Panels supply a wide range of birch plywood – a material suitable for the construction of flight cases and other hardwearing units. The durable nature of birch plywood allows for the creation of rugged storage boxes and flight cases, perfect for transporting sensitive equipment such as musical instruments, cameras and measuring apparatus.

With a range of options available, Latham’s ATP has the capabilities to produce specialist crates and cases in a variety of different colours and styles. Ideal for both hobbyists and professionals, ATP delivers a solution for taking all kinds of fragile equipment on the road. The high-quality HPL laminated birch can be customised with a multitude of different colours and patterns, ensuring a fully bespoke solution tailored specifically to each customer’s needs.

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